GLAST LAT Collaboration Meeting Agenda
location:  Redwood Room, SLAC (unless otherwise noted)
Monday, August 29 Instrument Analysis Workshop organized by E. do Couto e Silva
and the Instrument Analysis Group
Tuesday, August 30 9:00 AM Welcome: Agenda and Meeting Goals P. Michelson
9:15 AM GLAST Mission Status S. Ritz
9:30 AM Overview of LAT Development Status L. Klaisner
10:00 AM Overview of Science Groups P. Michelson
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Year 1 Data Release Plan P. Michelson
11:20 AM Data Challenge 2 Planning J. McEnery
11:45 AM Report on Instrument Analysis Workshop E. do Couto e Silva
noon Lunch
1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Catalog, Blazar, Pulsar and UnID Sources Groups: Discussion of Catalog Source Identification process  location:  Redwood C& D
GRB Group Redwood A
Solar Group Redwood B
Calibration & Analysis Methods Group Orange Room
Dark Matter & New Physics GLAST III (trailer 234)
3:45 PM Break
4:15 PM - 6:00 PM  Various Contributions Panofsky Auditorium
4:15 Remarks by SLAC Director J. Dorfan
4:25 Tracker Construction & Test in Italy M. Pepe
4:40 A walk through the LAT Tracker tower alignment N. Omodei
4:55 Pulsar source modeling & Simulation M. Razzano
5:10 Galactic Diffuse Radiation & "Dark Clouds" I. Grenier
5:30 Discussion about LAT Beam Test
6:15 Adjourn
6:45 PM Collaboration dinner
Wednesday, August 31 8:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Pulsar Group location: Orange Room
Blazar Group Redwood B
UnID Sources Group Redood A
Catalog & Diffuse Groups Redwood C & D
10:30 AM break
11:00 AM Science Tools Tutorial Redwood Rooms
11:00 AM Overview of science tools checkout  S. Digel
11:10 AM Review of documentation - kinds and access S. Digel
11:15 AM Review of data set and data access J. McEnery
11:30 AM Installing the science tools - Windows & Linux J. McEnery
11:40 AM Observation Simulation J. Chiang
noon Lunch break
1:00 PM Science Tools Tutorial - cont'd
1:00 PM Source Characterization J. Chiang
1:20 PM Pulsar tools M. Razzano
1:40 PM GRB tools J. Cohen-Tanugi
2:00 PM Looking ahead to DC2 S. Digel
* Data exploration - making maps and overlays, counts spectra
* Observation simulation - defining source models, GUI
* Source characterization - via likelihood, including Python interface
* Pulsar tools - including Ephemeris calculator
* GRB tools - temporal and spectral analyses
2:10 PM break
2:30 PM Reports from Science Groups
4:30 PM Break
4:45 PM Update on Multiwavelength Needs D. Thompson
5:15 PM Science Groups: Issues Arising P. Michelson
5:45 PM AOB
6:00 PM Adjourn
Thursday, September 1 All day LAT-SWG Joint Symposium on the Galactic Center Region