Registration and Payment Form

GLAST LAT Collaboration Meeting

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards. To pay by credit card you will be directed to a secure (https) order form managed by eCommerce@Stanford and VeriSign Corporation. A payment can be made for more than one attendee.

To Prepay by SECURE Credit Card Payment


Description  Quantity
Registration Fee for  Monday, August 29     ($40.00 ea)
Registration Fee for  Tuesday, August 30     ($40.00 ea)
Registration Fee for  Wednesday, August 31     ($40.00 ea)
Science Symposium; Thursday, September 1      ($40.00 ea)
Conference Dinner; Tuesday, August 30      ($40.00 ea)

** Payment by credit card requires billing address verification. Some participants with a billing address outside the United States have had difficulty with that step. If you do have difficulty completing the credit card transaction with a non-US billing address, then it is suggested that you pay applicable fees by check or cash. **

** If you are paying for someone else or if you are paying for more than one registrant, please complete this transaction process, then send an e-mail with the names of registrants payment was submitted for and the name on the credit card used to lucy zhou **


Once you have entered all the credit card and billing information on the secure form, you will be asked to confirm the purchase. If you do, then an authorization will be requested from the financial network. If approval is forthcoming, then a receipt page will be displayed and you will receive an e-mail message. Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address correctly in the billing information section to make sure you get this notice.

Receipts contain the 12 character transaction ID

The displayed Receipt page will appear AFTER credit card payment has been authorized. The e-mail receipt will be sent AFTER credit card payment has been authorized.


Should you need to cancel, the transaction ID (12 characters) will be needed to credit your account. We can do a partial credit, should you pay for more than one person and someone has to cancel their attendance at the Institute.