Upcoming Scientific Conferences or Schools of Interest to Fermi LAT Scientists

Fermi LAT collaboration members: If you are planning to attend one of these conferences, especially if you will make a LAT-related presentation, please let us know.

If you see that a conference in the list below is missing, please send your name, the title of the conference and the url of the conference web page to the webmaster (she will add it here and get back to you ASAP).

You can see all the conferences in this database, including the ones which have already happened.

Title, Web Page ? Location Beginning End Deadline
NCfA Multi-messenger symposium 2024   Las Vegas, NV, USA 2024 Feb 28 Mar 1  
I Synergies at new frontiers   Tokyo, Japan 2024 Mar 25 Mar 26 Feb 28
The 21th Divisional Meeting of HEAD   Horseshoe Bay Resort, Texas, USA 2024 Apr 7 Apr 12 Nov 21
"Some Like It Hot!" A Journey from the Hot IGrM to the Multiphase CGM   Munich, Germany 2024 Apr 22 May 17 Oct 8
2024 Fermi Summer School   Lewes, DE, USA 2024 May 28 Jun 7 Feb 9
Cosmic Signals of Dark Matter Physics: New Synergies   Santa Barbara, CA, USA 2024 Jun 3 Jun 6  
First MPIK-CDY Summer School on the Future of Gamma-Ray Astronomy   Heidelberg, Germany 2024 Jun 25 Jul 3  
New European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting (EAS 2024))   Padova, Italy 2024 Jul 1 Jul 5 Mar 4
45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events   Busan, South Korea 2024 Jul 13 Jul 21 Feb 9
XXXII IAU General Assembly   Cape Town, South Africa 2024 Aug 6 Aug 15  
Tidal Disruption Events and Nuclear Transients: Entering the Data-Rich Era   Heraklion, Crete, Greece 2024 Sep 2 Sep 6 May 31
First Results from the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey: From Stars to Cosmology   Garching, Germany 2024 Sep 15 Sep 20 May 31
New Roma International Conference on Astroparticle Physics (RICAP-2024)   Roma, Italy 2024 Sep 23 Sep 27 Jul 15

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