Classification of publications within the Fermi LAT collaboration

The LAT collaboration scientific papers in refereed journals are classified into the following categories:

  1. Initial publications of results from the LAT Science investigation, particularly during the first year sky survey phase, and for certain major papers during all phases. These papers include, for example, catalogs and reports of substantial discoveries.

  2. Subsequent papers on a particular topic that involve more in-depth, detailed analysis and modeling.

    II.5 Externally-led papers that include a standard and well-understood analysis of LAT data by LAT collaboration members and where the LAT analysis is not central to the conclusions of the paper.

  3. Papers that do not fall clearly into either Category I or II. These papers have LAT collaboration members among the authors and are clearly related to LAT science, but do not use LAT data or LAT analysis results not already published and do not use LAT resources such as instrument simulation tools. (Category III papers that include new LAT analysis can, under certain circumstances, include LAT team authors who are members of large, established collaborations that expect all members to sign papers. See the full LAT Publication Policy for details.)

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